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T. Marni Vos is a clean and refreshing humorist. She is as funny as she is inspiring. A motivational speaker, she entertains with her keynotes as she motivates and inspires her audience to be top performers at their work and as individuals. T. Marni Vos leaves her audience not only with an additional communication tool, but she leaves them laughing, free of stress, and ready for change.

T. Marni Vos became one of only seven women in 20 years to be a Finalist in the prestigious San Francisco International Stand-up Comedy Competition, where over 400 comics compete each year. She has performed on Life Time's "Girls Night Out" and opened for Jay Leno at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. Barny currently has a syndicated children's ...wait ...wrong speaker.
A former high school instructor in a stressful environment, T. Marni Vos used humor and creativity to inspire and motivate students to go beyond their potential. Through laughter and communication she continues to educate people in all walks of life to meet their challenges with a light heart and the echo of laughter. She has earned 42 hours of instruction from the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior at conferences in Saratoga, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
T. Marni Vos can complete an entire S.A.T. test in 17 minutes.

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Her humor is fresh, refreshing, honest and clean. Her presentation is original in style, extremely funny, and uplifting in content.

In today's business environment, where every skill counts, humor, laughter, and creativity can provide a winning edge.
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Voss, as in T. Marni Voss comes from Olde English and German meaning fox.
As in, T. Marni Voss is a fox. However, my last name has only one "s" i.e. Vos, not two "s" i.e. Voss.
So, if T. Marni Voss is a fox, then T. Marni Vos must be half a fox. I think the front half.